Cape Verde Islands - Getting Ready

Praia Cape Verde Islands 18 December 1996: the day before the big puddle hop to Brazil. 

Waving goodbye to our friends in the control tower of Praia, Cape Verde Islands, before going to Sal, Cape Verde Islands for fuel.

Our Mooney has about twice of the speed and range of the 1922 Fairey seaplane and consumes 2.5 times less fuel per hour. For the ocean crossings we carried fuel for 15 hours of economy cruise at 148 knots.

A good pair of active noise reduction headsets helps to make the long journey shorter. Coutinho and Cabral had no headsets, no radios, and could not talk to each other. They had to communicate via bits of paper passed from one open cockpit to the other!

Praia, Cape Verde Islands

Sal Cape Verde Islands Praia (the departure point for Coutinho and Cabral in 1922) is a nice town, but they have no AVGAS available, so we had to go back to Sal for fuel. 

Antonio CARDOSO (air traffic controller in Sal and friend of Armand), Armand, Flemming and 'Honey Mooney' the evening before the flight to Brazil.

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Flemming PEDERSEN, Armand F. PEREIRA and John F. MILES 1997