Arrival in Recife, Brazil

On Fernando de Noronha we saw a sign 'Bemvindo ao Paraiso', welcome to paradise. Although we had an authorization for a technical landing there, the local major in charge would only let us stay for 4 hours, just enough for lunch and a quick swim. 

Although we were both very tired, we were ordered to continue to Recife on the mainland the same day.

On final in Recife  On final for runway 18 in Recife Guararapes, 'Honey Mooney's first landing on the South American continent.

Maintenance and auxilliary tank removal in Recife After the long voyage 'Honey Mooney' was due for a much deserved 50-hour service. We were well received by the 'Aeroclube de Pernambuco' at the small 'Encanta Moça' airfield in Recife. 

Also the 35 US Gallon auxilliary tank had to be removed to make room for Angela, who had crossed the Atlantic by airline, and met up with us in Recife.

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